meet the team.

Working to strategically position our company as a leader in the industry, while ensuring that we continue to stay on the forefront of anticipating our customer’s needs is the everyday responsibility of our executive leadership team. This team of thought-leaders and decision makers not only has a proven track record of success, but they also have a unique understanding of today’s challenges and a vision for the future.  Their diverse backgrounds and unique qualifications give Communicorp a key advantage in continuing to have a strong regional and expanded national presence for our customers.

Eric Seldon, President and CEO of Communicorp

Eric Seldon

President and CEO

Hello! I’m Eric Seldon, President and CEO of Communicorp. I’d like to personally welcome you to our site. It is our mission to provide you with customized marketing solutions and deliver exceptional service. I hope to partner with you and your business for all of your future marketing needs!

Mike Thomas, VP of Production Services at Communicorp

Mike Thomas

Vice President

Hi! I’m Mike Thomas. I am here to help ensure you have a great experience with Communicorp. My team and I want to assist you with your marketing needs. Let us help you find solutions to your current business challenges.

Jason Lansdon

Senior Manager, Production Services

I’m Jason Lansdon and our goal in Production Services is to provide printed materials and merchandise that exceed customers’ expectations. We accomplish this through a proven and highly-skilled workforce, cutting-edge technology and equipment, and agile processes that allow for success, no matter the complexity of the job.

Gary Robinette

Gary Robinette

Senior Manager, Information Technology

I’m Gary Robinette, and our Communicorp technology team’s vision is to “Partner & Deliver”. Our goal is to understand your business improvement requirements, then partner with you and our experienced Communicorp leadership team to deliver solutions that enhance your business and technology capabilities.

Robert Landi

Vice President and Controller

I’m Robert Landi. My team and I want to assist you in accomplishing your business goals, while ensuring that the financial facets of your project are in good hands. Contact us today to see what more we can do for you.

Joy Hamilton, Sales at Communicorp

Joy Hamilton


Hi, I’m Joy Hamilton. You only get ONE chance to make a first impression; make the most of that chance. I can make sure your customer’s first impression is a good one. My phone number is 706-596-3062 and my email address is JHamilton@communicorp.com.

Kenny Braner, Sales at Communicorp

Kenny Braner


Hi, I’m Kenny Braner. I’ll follow your marketing projects at Communicorp from start to completion to ensure that the results enhance your company’s success. You can reach me at 770-447-6250 or by email at KBraner@communicorp.com.

John Waller, Sales at Communicorp

John Waller


Hi, I’m John Waller. I really enjoy making the seemingly impossible jobs deliver on time. Let me do the impossible for you. Call me at 770-242-6058 or email me at JWaller@communicorp.com.