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It’s no surprise that digital solutions and emergent technologies have significantly impacted the traditional means of marketing and advertising. In fact, just some years ago, companies only needed engaging copy and a well-designed print ad to win over customers. However, today the competitive landscape demands that businesses not only equip themselves with the right marketing ideas and strategies, but that they also be able to implement strategies across multiple channels in order to realize the greatest possible results.

Cross-Channel Marketing: A combination of tactics used to spread a cohesive advertising and marketing message across various channels, from email, social media, online ads, websites and landing pages, SEO and even across more traditional methods, such as print.

Trends show that more companies—both large and small—are starting to realize the value of cross channel marketing. According to Econsultancy’s 2013 Cross Channel Marketing Survey, 43% of their company respondents said they were most likely to integrate their online content with their display or print content. The report also showed large increases in companies using social media marketing, up 6% to 34% over the previous year, along with a spike in using mobile advertising solutions. However, even with all of the marketing tools now available, there are many companies that still struggle with understanding how to make them all work together so that they can effectively grow their businesses this year and beyond.

The fact is, most marketers already have more options than they know what to do with and sometimes the best option may be one that they don’t fully understand yet. That’s why we offer recommendations to clients that always leave them with a clear understanding of what marketing channels to use, why they should use them and how they should successfully integrate them for the best possible results.

As expert guides in this field, we can offer solutions that can drive campaigns with a single, strategic message across multiple marketing channels including email, social, mobile, direct mail and more.

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