The surprising facts about social media marketing and SEO

Posted on June 25, 2015

One thing we’ve learned over the past decade is social media marketing is here to stay! This dominant force is now a leading solution in digital marketing with more than 1.7 billion users of social networks worldwide. What’s more interesting is that most businesses understand the importance of having a LinkedIn page or posting on Facebook and Twitter, but they don’t understand how to use social media to boost their search engine optimization (SEO) – making it easier for customers to find their brand online.

Believe it or not, social media marketing and SEO are more connected than you think. In fact, since search engines primarily follow the behaviors and trends of real Internet users, more social factors are now incorporated into the ranking patterns of leading sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is why you can search for a company’s name and see not only the website, but also the company’s LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Here are four social media practices to help your company climb the SEO ranks:

Create a social media content strategy

Social media and SEO are both content driven. Strong, relevant content tends to generate more engagement on social media. When creating a content strategy, you should outline the appropriate social media outlets to target, the kind of content and voice you’ll use per outlet and the frequency of your posts. Search engines are content consumers! Posting high-quality content on your blog and/or social sites increases the likelihood of being found by search engines. It also validates your business as a legitimate organization. By focusing on your content strategy and publishing it on the right channels, you can ensure brand visibility.

Use social sharing to improve SEO

When customers love content and articles that are posted on social media – they’ll share it. Then, if their followers love it, they’ll share it too, creating a powerful viral effect. In addition, each time the content is shared, it includes a link – which builds more online hits back to your brand. This ongoing link sharing can significantly enhance SEO, as pointed out by leading marketing consultant Brian Honigman. In his SumAll article, Honigman states that “a link that is tweeted many times as opposed to a link that was never tweeted, will have higher visibility in search engines.” 

Grow your followers and fans

The amount of followers on your social media channels can impact your SEO ranking. For example, if a company has 200 Facebook followers, it won’t receive the same quality ranking as a company with several hundred thousand followers. Therefore, incorporate strategies that will continue to increase your number of social media followers. However, when growing your fan base, be sure to do this naturally instead of purchasing Twitter and Facebook follower lists. Google can detect the quality of your followers and will know if they are authentic or purchased. 

Make sure company information is accurate and correctly categorized

By simply making sure your business details are accurate and appropriately categorized, your SEO results will likely improve, as Google uses these details in their search features. Be sure your social media pages have accurate information about your business – including current company name, address, phone number and URL. Also, make sure your business is correctly categorized (i.e., a marketing company, bank, health care organization, etc.) on key sites like Facebook and Yelp, listing products and services in the business description as well.

These four social media practices are simple ways to make your company more visible online and will help improve SEO ranking – driving more customers to your brand. Get in touch with us today to learn about additional ways we can help your marketing efforts. Let us show you what more you can do.