The power of print in a digital era

Posted on August 19, 2015

With all of the cool, new technology available, there is an overwhelming craze to “go digital.” Companies now resort to technology to promote new products and services, meeting consumers where they are – on smartphones and other mobile devices. However, some experts say that this constant need for connectivity may create digital overload for the consumer, driving an even stronger demand for more powerful print solutions.

“In this new world of traditional and nontraditional media, consumers are starting to be inundated with so many types of marketing vehicles like billboards, digital videos and online banner ads,” said Amanda Bass, senior manager for Communicorp. “This dynamic sometimes makes it hard for customers to cut through the clutter and focus on the brand. So now, customers are starting to see print as a refreshing option for engaging their senses in a more tangible way – through touching, seeing and feeling – that can be uniquely delivered through a physical print experience.”

Print collateral is not only a great way to carry your message, but it is also a great sentimental keepsake for your brand enthusiasts. In fact, there are a number of creative ideas that can only be driven by print, such as:

  • Creating booklets with fun pop-up displays;
  • Developing direct mail pieces with engaging cutout offers;
  • Choosing paper options with various textures and colors; or
  • Using a number of techniques like die-cutting, embossing, folding and adding color finishes.

As a matter of fact, Communicorp created a multilevel marketing campaign, leveraging print solutions for the Aflac Pacific Territory Convention as a way to encourage agents to increase sales and qualify for a free trip to the convention in Hawaii. Communicorp’s approach combined traditional print with personalized messaging for targeting individual sales agents more effectively. The campaign combined striking printed collateral such as direct mail postcards with variable data and augmented reality linking to Convention videos; printed hangtags that showcased customized imaging to accompany the campaign’s promo items; and mini-postcards and mini-flyers used to support giveaways and other marketing collateral. As a result, agents increased their sales by nearly 24 percent during the qualifying campaign period and earned an all-expenses-paid trip to the convention.

With so many great ways to increase consumer engagement through print, here are a few tips to consider.

  1. Use strong visuals
    Like any marketing tool, be sure your print materials always have strong visuals and messaging that will appeal to consumers and attract them to your brand. Remember, the human brain is sensory and responds to powerful imagery with enticing color palettes. It is most important to grab your consumers’ attention and keep them engaged long enough to learn more about your brand and product offers.
  1. Create engagement
    Once you have created striking print collateral, consider integrating digital solutions like augmented reality (AR) to add an interactive experience for your customers. AR transforms printed static displays, point-of-purchase materials, print ads or marketing collateral into real-world environments. This technology delivers a highly immersive sight, sound and feel, deepening your customers’ experience on their smartphones through an interactive world of video animation, games, virtual offers and much more.
  1. Choose a strategic print provider
    With so many print options in the marketplace, from commercial printers to local print shops, it’s important to find the right provider who understands the marketing mix and can provide the best solutions. Be sure to choose a printer that has proven years of experience in the industry as well as a solid track record in customer service and quality assurance, one that will provide strategic counsel about integrating print into your marketing mix. As part of your provider selection process, take some time to tour their facility, check client references and request print samples. Also, ensure your potential print partner will offer press checks for every project.

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