The New Era of Marketing Innovation In Healthcare Communications

Posted on May 7, 2015

For years, healthcare companies have used traditional means of marketing and advertising to showcase their products and services. But now, with the ever-changing landscape in technology innovation, organizations realize the need to leave the dark ages and enter into this new era of marketing trends and digital solutions that consumers now crave.

Customers want to feel empowered by information they receive from healthcare companies without reading tons of medical lingo. They want to be fully engaged with easy-to-read, personalized communications instead of receiving generic messages that are distributed to the masses.

Here’s the good news… you don’t have to keep doing the same old, outdated marketing tactics over and over again. If you’re ready to turn your traditional and somewhat boring marketing plan into an interactive and engaging one, you can easily start by incorporating some of these basic tips into your planning process.

Engage Your Customers Through Content Marketing

According to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog, sharing meaningful content actually helps organizations form personal bonds and generate emotional connections with customers. By incorporating content marketing strategies into your plan, it will ensure customers receive information in an educational yet fun and engaging way while showing that your company cares about their well-being. Furthermore, great content marketing tactics actually inspire customers to share it. So if it’s informative and impactful, customers will automatically become brand ambassadors by sharing it with their friends and family.

Use Digital Applications Like Augmented Reality

Since augmented reality (AR) is expected to generate more than $120 billion in revenue by 2020, it’s no surprise that progressive organizations are incorporating this tactic into their marketing plans. AR has proven to be a great way to transform static displays and print materials into highly interactive worlds of video, animation, and virtual gaming experiences for customers. Digital applications, such as this, are especially important when marketing to millennials as they are the leading consumers of multimedia and new technologies.

Leverage Social Media To Launch Incentives and Giveaways

Believe it or not, your customers want to talk about more than just healthcare. It’s even more important to provide them with offers and incentives that simply keep them excited about your brand. Consider hosting a “Cyber Monday Deal of the Day” on your social media channels featuring discounted products, services, or company branded promo items. This was a big hit when Aflac offered special pricing on branded items, like the Aflac Duck and Pillow Duck, during their HoliCAYS cross-channel marketing campaign. You can also try running a social media giveaway, such as free check-ups or dental whitening services for a year to the first 50 customers who like your company page.

Enhancing your healthcare communications through the latest trends and digital solutions is easier than you think. Check out some of the ways we can help to support your marketing efforts. Visit or contact Sissy Doll at 706-329-3703 to learn more about our products & services.