3 Marketing Tips

Posted on May 27, 2016

Create Timely Marketing Materials
The mantra ‘timing is everything’ applies to marketing as well. Can you quickly ship out marketing collateral to your prospective clients? How much time does it take your website to load? Is there a sense of urgency in your call-to-action? Are you responding to queries or questions in a timely fashion? You can create the best infographic, blog post or social update, but if you’re not sharing it at the right time, you may miss your prime target audience. Marketing tools, such as Facebook, offer insight into the best days and times to share content. When building out a marketing program, take a moment to discuss timing from a variety of angles.

Optimize Your Images
You’re likely familiar with SEO keywords for website copy, but are you optimizing your visual content as well? Not only can professional photography enhance your digital marketing, it can also serve as a way to boost search results. When uploading an image, ensure it has a customized file name that’s descriptive and inclusive of your key words. In addition, entering terms in the Alt Tag section helps search engines find your content as well as offer a description to visitors unable to view your image. Don’t forget to include a caption alongside your pictures. According to KissMetric, captions are read on average 300 percent more than the body copy itself.

Use a Multi-channel Approach
Consumers are surrounded by niche media outlets that address their specific concerns and interests. As part of your marketing strategy, it’s important that your brand has a presence in the right places. No one TV network, newspaper, magazine or social media network serves everyone. To launch a successful multi-channel campaign, start with your customer first. The channels you choose depends wholly on where they are most active, comfortable and open to receive your marketing message. By leveraging a variety of marketing channels, you increase the number of opportunities you have to interact with a potential customer. A combination of experiential, print and digital can make all the difference in reaching your target audience.