Greatly Improve Operational Efficiencies Through Innovative Marketing Automation Solutions

Posted on July 17, 2014

A major challenge for many leading organizations is learning how to manage and disseminate a variety of marketing materials and collateral across numerous company locations, while ensuring that each site has the company-branded tools they need for effectively promoting their businesses. After all, most companies typically do not want their satellite offices creating their own materials which could turn out to be off-message or off-brand. But imagine a world in which the manual process of creating and ordering key marketing assets (both print and digital) for multiple locations could be avoided, allowing your field representatives to easily go online and order approved flyers, forms and brochures without your involvement. These capabilities are all possible – and much more – with a comprehensive Marketing Automation solution.

Marketing Automation is now one of the fastest growing solutions in the CRM-related segment, according to Focus Research (now Q2 Insights). Moreover, the adoption of Marketing Automation technology is expected to increase by 50% by 2015. This anticipated increase is no surprise, as the process significantly improves operational efficiencies, allowing organizations to easily systemize ongoing, repetitive ordering and printing tasks to free up valuable time that can now be spent on core business needs like serving customers or developing new ideas.

Some of the many uses for Marketing Automation software include being able to set up regularly scheduled orders and re-orders of key brochures, flyers and coupons, along with making scheduled website updates, such as menu changes and new special offers, deals or discounts.

In our experience with implementing comprehensive Marketing Automation solutions for customers, once this solution is in place, itgreatly improves company processes, increases employee morale and provides a preferred tool for end-users to access materials on-the-fly—all while increasing your marketing return on investment. Systems such as digital asset management, on-demand and ecommerce platforms, and online order fulfillment allow local offices or field managers to easily order the collateral or corporate products that they need, while maintaining their day-to-day operations with minimum involvement from the corporate office.

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