Drive Solid Marketing Results with Effective Campaign Planning

Posted on January 7, 2016

Many marketers understand the excitement that comes with launching a new product or service, or hosting a local event. They also understand the pressure that comes with launching a new campaign, since they will now need creative ways to get their message and brand into the marketplace – all while driving solid results.

Interestingly, while many marketing teams may initially begin the planning process with a few grand ideas or some out-of-the box concepts, experts know that successful campaigns really require careful research, strategic planning and a detailed plan of execution. To garner stronger results, it’s important to incorporate relevant campaign planning solutions into their next marketing campaign.

With effective campaign planning, organizations are able to clearly identify their target audience, brand positioning and key messaging as part of the promotional plan. More importantly, an effective planning process helps companies identify the appropriate marketing tools that will best resonate with existing and potential customers.

To maximize campaign planning efforts, it’s important to also incorporate a variety of communications tools to help create the most impactful marketing mix with both traditional and digital marketing solutions. This combination could allow you to reach deeper into your target audience – leaving no stone unturned.

Communicorp implemented some innovative campaign planning solutions for Blessed Trinity Catholic High School’s open house event. Initially, the school wanted to use traditional marketing methods like direct mail to promote the event with their target audience. Through an extensive campaign planning process, Communicorp identified a wider target audience of surrounding schools to incorporate into promotional outreach. The process also produced some traditional and digital tactics that resonated with the target audience, such as informational brochures featuring QR codes and digital signage. As a result, the school launched a successful cross-channel marketing program that led to high participation in their open house event.

Below are a few campaign planning tips to consider before implementing your next campaign:

  • Goal Setting: Clearly outline the specific goals of your campaign. Are your goals to build awareness, enhance customer engagement and/or to increase sales? Whatever your goals are, be sure to outline strategies and tactics that will specifically help reach your targets.
  • Message Development: Outline the core messages you want to communicate with your target audience. Do you want your messages to communicate things like the best pricing in the marketplace or the most innovative product features? Once you identify your core messages, be sure to consistently use them throughout your marketing campaign.
  • Marketing Mix: Since there are so many marketing options available, it’s important to incorporate tools that will best connect you with target audiences. For example, do your customers prefer email campaigns or digital videos? Or do you get higher response rates from direct mail campaigns? By understanding your customer and communicating with them through their preferred method, your response rates are more likely to improve.
  • Execution and Timing: Once all marketing ideas have been identified and approved, outline timing for implementing each concept. This can easily be done by creating a project timeline that details all of the tactics and key dates needed for tracking action items to ensure they are completed on time.

We invite you to learn more about our campaign planning process, along with additional ideas that can boost your marketing results. Our award-winning design team is happy to share creative concepts and strategic approaches to help you reach your project goals. Get in touch with us soon so we can show you what more you can do.