Communicorp awarded FSC® Certification

Posted on December 7, 2007

Communicorp, Inc. was recently awarded Forest Stewardship Council® Chain-of-Custody certification (FSC-C007639) an achievement that reflects an ongoing concern with the environmental health of the world’s forests and a commitment to conducting its future business practices along FSC guidelines.

The Chain of Custody designation certifies that the origin of the wood used to produce certain papers is certified throughout the manufacturing process as well as the printing process, and that the final product is delivered to the end user with this certification intact. Material from forests where there is social conflict, material illegally harvested, from uncertified high conservation value forests or from forests where genetically modified organisms are used are not allowed, and are not allowed to be mixed with FSC-certified products.

FSC is the acknowledged leader in this environmentally significant area, with over 90 million hectares in 70 countries certified to meet FSC standards. It is recognized by corporate and governmental sectors as well as the NGO community as the model to ensure that forest resources are maintained for today and for future generations.

Marcia Bonsell, Vice President of Production at Communicorp, spearheaded the effort that led to FSC certification, and spoke for the company. “The ability to use the FSC trademark is an honor as well as an enormous responsibility. Communicorp welcomes this opportunity to evidence its concern for the stewardship of the world’s natural resources.” Printed products from Communicorp that carry the FSC designation can trace the origin of the stock back to the forest from which the raw material was harvested.