Aflac wins IFCA’s prestigious EPIC Award for Lexus Hold’Em Program

Posted on September 11, 2007

Aflac was recently honored with IFCA’s prestigious EPIC Award, sponsored by Xerox Global Services and presented jointly by Xerox Global Services and IFCA for the Lexus Hold’Em 2006 third quarter sales contest. This contest received the EPIC Award for its Effective, Powerful, Innovative Communications (EPIC). Designed and implemented by the Sales Promotions & Communications team in Field Force Development, the contest’s strategic use of variable data in print media by Communicorp was a significant factor in earning this honor.

The contest also won Honorable Mention honors in Sales Promotions – Sales Contests category.

The Lexus Hold’Em program consisted of 13 weekly mailings containing a unique message and a card face as well as a final piece that pulled in the entire hand held by each participant over the 13-week run. Winners were those who assembled a winning “hand” from the cards dealt them over the contest period. It has been cited as the single most successful sales promotion ever staged by Aflac.

Communicorp’s contributions to this project were manifold. Graphic design by Robin Davidson was incorporated into the template, and pre-planning by the Digital Press area was critical. Aflac supplied a data file at the beginning of each week which Communicorp processed and turned to print the same day, then delivered to Aflac Mail the next day. Flawless precision and outstanding attention to detail produced a perfect project, thirteen times over.

David Smith, Communicorp’s senior manager of digital print and business development, said that “this is a showcase example of planning and teamwork that we should embrace and promote!”