2017 Marketing Trends For Engaging Customers and Winning New Business

Posted on December 20, 2016

A brand New Year is just around the corner and all of us will be wondering what’s in store for the new season that lies ahead. And, while it’s true that some industries actually enjoy the thrill of marching into the unknown, the marketing field tends to be dominated by individuals who have a pressing need to know what the future holds so they can engage in key trends that will help them prosper and succeed against their latest competition.

The great news is that now is the perfect time to prepare for the New Year by first taking the time to evaluate the things that have worked well, the things that didn’t work out, and the things that still need improvement across your promotional strategies. After all, engaging in new trends for the coming year doesn’t always mean you have to throw out everything and jump on the latest bandwagon of new ideas. Instead, you simply have to take the time to understand the traditional tools that have proven to be effective, or identify some new tools and technologies that you now want to incorporate in order to stay ahead of the game.

While experts understand that there are certain fundamentals of marketing that will never disappear in 2017, such as protecting your brand and making emotional connections with customers, they still believe it is imperative to use the right marketing strategies while leveraging innovative solutions that will allow you to effectively navigate today’s digital and interactive landscape.

At Communicorp, we remain committed to helping you rise above your competition in the New Year by offering a full suite of marketing solutions that strategically align with your business goals. Our award-winning marketing campaigns are known for helping clients to drive tremendous ROI and build great relationships with their clients and customers.

Because of our record of success, we wanted to take the time to provide you with these 2017 marketing trends that will allow you to put your brand in the spotlight for next year, and for many years to come.

Clickable & Digital Is Here to Stay.
Let’s face it, in this new digital era, everyone loves to point-and-click their way to information and insights. That’s why your 2017 marketing tools need to incorporate solutions that make it easy and enjoyable for customers to engage with your brand. One great way to accomplish this is by adding Augmented Reality to your marketing collateral. Augmented Reality enables customers to use their smartphones, and other mobile devices, to bring static displays, POP, print ads or marketing collateral to life through an interactive world of video animation, games, virtual offers and much more. In fact, experts say that the augmented reality device market is expected to reach $659.98 million by 2018.

Millennial Marketing Solutions Remain In Strong Demand.
It’s no surprise that the Millennial audience will continue to be very tech-savvy, and have a strong desire to socially engaged. In fact, of the 90 percent of young adults who use social media a third of Millennials say it’s one of their preferred channels for communicating with businesses. Therefore, as you prepare for next year, be sure to create strong social media campaigns that resonate with Millennials and to make them feel a part of the conversation with your brand. Leveraging personal, one-to-one communications to ask for their input, coupled with digital solutions to connect with them, can easily help you to achieve this goal.

Make It Personal or Else.
Smart marketers know that utilizing personalization techniques will continue to be a key way to make emotional connections with their customers in 2017. In fact, one-to-one marketing, when done correctly, can tremendously increase the value of relationships with customers as they will feel that you truly care about their particular needs. With this in mind, be sure to have solutions in place that allow you to collect and manage data and insights that are specific to each of your customer’s preferences. Then, launch marketing campaigns that are customized and tailored to give them what they want, and, in a way that they want it. By implementing personalization techniques you can foster greater brand loyalty while driving an even stronger return on your marketing investment.

Mobilize Your Marketing.
Some experts say that optimizing for mobile and creating a mobile marketing strategy are two things that if you haven’t done them yet, you will absolutely need to do in 2017. Especially since 11.68% of companies have already integrated mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy (Salesforce). Therefore, as you plan ahead, be sure to incorporate mobile solutions that allow customers to easily interact with you on their smart devices. Simple things like making sure your website is mobile friendly, and using mobile apps and digital solutions like Augmented Reality, can help ensure that your customers always have easy access to your products and services.

As we all prepare for this exciting season of the year, now is the perfect time for us to help you SEE WHAT MORE YOU CAN DO to impress and make a lasting impact on your customers. You can even take our Possibilities Review which allows you to gain some brand new insights on how to take your current projects to the next level and reach your goals. Since we have a broad-range of marketing and digital solutions at our finger tips – from OnDemand to Fulfillment Solutions to Creative Services – we can be your one stop shop for all of your communications needs in 2017. Connect with us today to learn more and have a great New Year!